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Delete U disk shows Cannot stop universal volume device processing method

The use of disks can be said to be more common. When we use U disk, we will encounter a lot of such problems. What I would like to bring to everyone today is to delete the USB flash drive and display the "Cannot stop general-purpose volume device" processing method.

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The first method:

We often use the “copy” and “paste” methods to retrieve files or data from a USB flash drive. If you copy a file from a USB flash drive, the file will remain on the system's clipboard. In the standby state. And if we want to delete the U disk in this case, there will be the above can not stop the USB drive tips

The corresponding solution is: empty your clipboard, or on your hard disk to copy a file and then paste the operation, this time you go to delete the U disk prompt to see if it is successfully deleted?

The second method:

If you feel that the above method is still invalid, you can use the Following method:At the same time press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination of the keyboard, then the "Task Manager" window appears, click the "Processes" tab, find "rundll32.exe" in "Image Name" Process, select "rundll32.exe" process, and then click "end process", then the task manager will pop up a warning, ask you to determine whether to close the process, click "Yes", that is closed "rundll32.exe" process. Then delete the U disk can be deleted normally.

When using this method, please note: If there are multiple "rundll32.exe" processes, you need to close all "rundll32.exe" processes.

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The third method:

This method also uses the task manager, while pressing the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination of the keyboard, the "Task Manager" window appears, click "Process", find "EXPLORER.EXE "Process and end it. At this time you will find your desktop is gone, please do not panic, continue to perform the following operations, click on the "File" - "New Task" - enter EXPLORER.EXE - OK in the Task Manager. Then delete the USB flash drive, you will find it safe to delete.

The fourth method:

My computer, right-click Properties - Hardware - Device Management - Find your USB device - Right click on it!

The fifth method:

This method is the simplest, but the most time-consuming, that is, restart your computer. If you think that something is wrong, then you can use the following precautions:

Turn off the system's preview function.

Method: Double-click My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - General - Tasks - Use the Windows Traditional Folders and click OK.

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