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Prevent USB drive poisoning

Preventing USB stick poisoning is a very common tool in your life. For white-collar workers, college students are often used. So, the USB drive poisoning is a very common situation that we're going to teach you today to guard against this situation.

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1. We need to check the USB flash drive.

Install an antivirus software on your computer. Check regularly. This not only can make our computers more completely can also prevent some USB stick virus, or to download some relevant USB stick virus killing software, to protect our USB stick from viruses.

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2, you must remember not to click on the website of unknown origin.

There are a lot of rubbish websites on the Internet now. There's nothing wrong with pornography. Once you browse to some sites, there are similar links on the website, you accidentally click inside, you will find your computer will be very card, perhaps the virus is secretly entered into your computer.It can also cause your USB flash drive poisoning This is very common. You must be careful.

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