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What are the types of bluetooth speakers 2?

A perfect combination of sound quality and portability.

Mini home bluetooth speaker.

Fabric Wireless Portable Bluetooth SpeakerThis type of speaker has a greater degree of improvement in tone quality that basically meets the needs of the vast majority of people, unless you are demanding a very professional quality of sound quality. Its sound quality is relatively small and portable, it is basically the size of the palm, suitable for household placement, the design of diversified product design is a good bluetooth speaker. However, since he is not specially designed for outdoor sports, the product has a general grip, and there is no waterproof and anti-drop function, so the main use of the site is indoor.

Outdoor sports bluetooth speaker box.

  LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth SpeakerThe outdoor sports bluetooth speaker is the new expensive in the bluetooth speaker market. He combines the advantages of several speakers in the front, and the sound box feels good to be portable, satisfying both the home and long hours of outdoor use. Due to the use of professional technical and material demand is higher, generally only a few big brands businessmen design production, do manual work is careful, the material is exquisite, has the certain technical support. Its sound quality can reach the high standard, better than the general bluetooth speaker, can satisfy the majority of users. Because of the need to meet some limit outdoor environment, this type of product with special design on material, usually with a very strong anti-corrosion features, its battery life lasting, typically between 10-20 hours. Prices range from 400 to 1500 yuan. This combination of portable and sound quality is good for both practicality and applicability, and will become the mainstream of the bluetooth speaker market in the future.

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