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When using U disk to copy files when the computer automatically restarts

What happens when the computer automatically restarts when we use a USB flash drive to copy files? First we need to know why this is happening. Today I will analyze with you.

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                                      The Reason:

1. U disk infection Trojan horse or poisoning causes the computer to automatically restart

2. The computer usb device driver has problems causing the computer to restart

3. U disk itself has been damaged cause the computer to automatically shut down

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1.We can use the anti-virus tools to conduct Trojan horse killing on the u disk. After the insurance is completed, the u disk is formatted after the killing is completed. When formatting, it is recommended to select the FAT u disk format.

2.Re-download and install the computer usb device driver, Xiaobian recommend that you install the usb2.0 driver.

If the above two methods cannot solve the problem, it may be due to the damage of the USB stick itself. This time we just have to change a U disk on it. I hope that sharing today can help everyone.

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