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​Why do USB drives lose data

Why did the data on the USB drive get lost? When I wrote the data on the document file on the USB drive, it was saved, but the data was still gone, and the whole document was gone. But the folder is still there.

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In normal WIN98 to XP, the default Settings for the USB drive in the system are optimized for quick deletion. Therefore, USB drive can be arbitrarily hot plug and pull, there will be no problem. If you special set "and" to improve the performance of the USB drive must be conducted by clicking in the task bar icon artificial suspended, so you don't normally like usual puts it will damage the file due to normal operation. 

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I think may have the following several ways: 

1. is to read and write when pulled out USB 

2. accidentally deleted, delete here but no recycling station 

3. intraday appeared bad sectors, just the file exists in this region 

4. USB interface power supply voltage is not enough, lead to write error, and error information is written into the region

5. chip, poor performance, memory effect.

According to the above situation can be gradually eliminate, especially with tools for data recovery software, finally and low-level formatting, or to the manufacturer's website refresh USB BIOS, this is a last resort.

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