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You must not know how to spread the virus of USB drive

The USB stick virus, as the name suggests, is transmitted by a USB stick. Most viruses are now hidden through the autorun. Inf vulnerability. USB stick virus is not, of course, in a u plate, if your computer poisoning, then each partition can have USB drive virus in your computer, if we do not pay attention to USB drive antivirus can cause the computer and the phenomenon of USB drive virus cross-infection.

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Virus transmission mode:

(1)The files inserted in all the programs in the USB flash drive are inserted into the virus, which is a bad situation. You have to use very strict anti-virus software to extract the virus from the program.

(2) all of USB stick folder hidden, and make a copy of individuals into a folder with the original title of the same with virus program folder icon files (com, exe, bat file extension), when you accidentally click file to activate the virus and the virus will open the folder name.

(3) use is very wide, USB stick virus in U packing directory to generate an Autorun. Inf boot file (hidden files), inserted USB stick, Windows will take the initiative to activate the boot file to virus program.

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The USB flash drive has a large number of users around the world, and the average number of people may have a USB flash drive. Therefore, it is very important to guard against the USB drive virus. If we can familiarize ourselves with the virus in the way it is transmitted, it will help us to better guard against it.

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